Castle Butte Belle Star

blue Australian Cattle Dog with double eye patches looking at the camera and sitting in a field of orange flowers

Whelped April 20, 1998
Am/Mex/Intl CH Lanbart the Outlaw
Bohlders Blue Jazmine

Castle Butte Belle Star CDX

Am/Mex/Intl CH Lanbart the Outlaw

Lanbart Mr Caruso

Lanbart Mr Ryobi Aust CH Lanbart Mr Geoff
Tallawong Blue Joyanna
Lanbart Blue Ashley Aust CH Lanbart Blue Apache
Aust CH Lanbart Miss Frosty
Tallawong Blue Lucinda

Aust CH Tallawong Tallan Brae Kaylaw Blue Mack
Aust CH Tallawong Blue Jaklyn
Tallawong Blue Jacinda CH Tallawong Blue Jonni
Aust CH Tallawong Blue Jinnie
Bohlders Blue Jazmine

Johanna’s LIL Rowdy Roughneck

CH Gravans Marty MC Fly CH Gravans Boa Constructor
Gravans Mia Karly Too
Buzzards Blue Princess CH Rokeglen Blue Phantom
CH Karebares Khlear Red Buzzard
Rk Queen of Spades

Jokers Are Wild Silver Hills Chester
Silver Hills Germer
Jamkiree Harling Melpomene CH Nartanda Spike
CH Jamkiree Shady Lady