CH Castle Apache Frost

Whelped September 25, 1997
CH Castle Butte’s Iron Thunder
CH Lanbart Blue Kentucky

CH Castle Apache Frost CH Castle Butte’s Iron Thunder Am/Mex/Intl CH Lanbart the Outlaw Lanbart Mr Caruso Lanbart Mr Ryobi
Lanbart Blue Ashley
Tallawong Blue Lucinda Aust CH Tallawong Tallan Brae
Tallawong Blue Jacinda
CH Castle Butte’s Dinah Mite CH Cr Castle Butte Bingo BISS CH Frog Acres Bingo Blue Jasper CD VQW
CH Cr Aussie Bond
CH Terrvics Babe In Blue CH Silver Hills Nugget
Bannercort Kristal Blue
CH Lanbart Blue Kentucky Aust CH Lanbart Apache Frost Aust CH Lanbart Blue Apache CH Tallawong Blue Jonni
Aust CH Lanbart Jileroo
Aust CH Lanbart Miss Frosty Lanbart Mr Magnum
Aust. CH Tallawong Blue Joyana
Relko Ricochet Rosie Lanbart Red Banner Lenthel Mystro
Condamine Susie
Paloreturn Helens Choice Lanbart Mr Rambo
Lanbart Miss Casey

Champion Offspring of CH Castle Butte’s Apache Frost

CH Castle Butte Come On Sheila CH Castle Butte Apache’s Mojave Kid
CH Castle Butte Blue Diamond
CH Castle Butte Thunder Country
CH Castle Butte Boss Man
CH Castle Butte Jim Dandy
CH Castle Butte Mirage
CH Castle Butte Dusty Road
CH Bayberry’s Mad About You
CH Castle Butte Heroes Andfriends
CH Castle Butte A Boy Named Sue
CH Bayberry’s Hold That Cow
CH Castle Butte Fancy Red Rose
CH Castle Butte Silver Bullet
CH Bayberry’s Front Page News